PD: 6 teenagers arrested after multiple fights break out at Skateland in Mesa

Mesa Police say six teenagers were arrested after several fights broke out at Skateland Saturday night. 

Officers responded to a juvenile fighting call at Skateland Mesa near Southern Avenue and Mesa Drive at 10:30 p.m. Saturday to find disruptive behavior and fighting going on inside and outside the venue. About 1,000 were said to be at Skateland. 

Police say hundreds of people were seen running from the area while multiple fights were going on. A total of five incidents were reported, three officers were assaulted, and six teenagers were arrested, all between the ages of 13 and 17-years-old.

Skateland released a statement to FOX 10 that says staff told a teenage girl she couldn't come back in after leaving the rink. The statement reads in part, "All exits are final. This female did not like our policies, got unruly and tried to charge our staff member. At that point, it caused others to get unruly."

In a video provided by a witness at Skateland, a teenage girl is visibly angry. Her friend holds her back, and she still charges through police and staff.

Moments later, she appears to be pepper-sprayed by an officer before being kicked out of the skating rink.

"Even though the police was standing right there, she didn't even care the police was there. That's what stands out to me. Now if they would have hurt her then what? It would have been a whole other thing you're interviewing me for," said Tamiko Jenkins.

Jenkins and her family stood in line on Saturday night for an hour. She says she decided to come back on Sunday because of how packed it was.

"You have 300 teenagers out here and it's five people on staff, who wouldn't be overwhelmed?" Jenkins said.

Police confirm a group of teens also threw rocks at officers responding to the chaos.

Three officers were assaulted but received minor to no injuries and no other individuals were hurt.

Police say those arrested have been referred to juvenile court and released to their parents or guardians.

The six teens who were arrested have been banned from Skateland.

Skateland says they will be implementing a new policy saying any teenager who wants to skate will have to bring a chaperone unless they bring their own skates. This goes into effect immediately.

Southern Ave. was temporarily closed as police ensured everyone left safely. 

The investigation is ongoing.