Penzone: Weapon used in deadly I-17 shooting was stolen from MCSO

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone said the weapon that a suspect used to open fire on law enforcement officials on the I-17 Monday was stolen from MCSO.

According to a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Phoenix Police officials identified the suspect, who died in the incident, as 27-year-old Arnaldo Caraveo. The incident began in Mesa, and ended along the I-17 in Phoenix, involving law enforcement officials from DPS. Caraveo died following the incident, while two DPS troopers suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Sheriff Penzone made the announcement about the weapon on Wednesday, during a news conference. Sheriff Penzone also said a firearm that was recovered in the vehicle was also stolen from MCSO.

"We will work with ATF and the Phoenix Police Department, who are leading the investigation, to ensure all the facts are determined, and we understand how it's occurred," said Penzone.

Penzone said in late 2014 to 2015, an audit of all the weapons in MCSO was initiated, and went on until some time in 2017. According to the audit, 29 weapons were unaccounted for, and believed to be stolen. That report was forwarded to ATF. The weapons were believed to have gone missing between 2010 to 2015.

Penzone said new policies are in place, in regards to weapons.