People still attend First Friday despite excessive heat

The Valley has seen some of the hottest temperatures of the year, as well as serious weather, over the past last few days. That, however, didn't keep people in Downtown Phoenix from enjoying First Friday.

Organizers say on the cooler months, there's 20,000 people on the streets. Then, things tend to slow down when it gets really hot. However, there are benefits to coming out for First Friday in the summer.

"We always have great performances, a lot of things for families to partake in, really sort of chill night and a great way to stay cool," said Sharah Nieto with the Heard Museum.

The First Friday of each month is never the same. The art galleries feature different artists, and the restaurants have different drink and entree specials.

"Normally in the summer months, it just doesn't get busy until about 7:30 or 8:00 p.m.," said Cydney Guess with monOrchid. People are avoiding the sun."

While things get kind of slow in the extreme heat, here's the upside. At monOrchid, the gallery is featuring seven artists instead of just one, which means a bigger variety of art will be showcased. Artilink's VP, Sally Russell, said many places are prepared to help people beat the heat.

"A lot of galleries offer refreshments, some places will offer water, and of course, there's lots of cafes scattered around," said Russell.

Meanwhile, food truck operators at First Friday are doing what they can to stay cool in the heatwave.

"We just make sure everything is colder, and now, we incorporate more of our juice level because it's hot baby!" said Loren Emerson with Emerson Fry Bread.

The cooks at Burger Amore try to stay cool with a swamp cooler. Meanwhile, the owners of "5 of Us- Fish and Chips" beat the heat by taking turns in their air conditioned tent.

Emerson, however, says he just adapts to the warmer temperatures.

"I just sweat it out," said Emerson. "I have a pool waiting for me so I know what to do."

For Carlos Salazar, summertime means more Hawaiian shaved ice for people.

"It will be a good one tonight," said Salazar. "The past couple of months has been getting warmer. It's been freakin' amazing. Business is going good."