Phoenix mother starting fundraiser to keep low-cost church daycare open

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- After almost 30 years of business, a local daycare is set to close down, leaving many parents looking for other options.

One mom says she loves this daycare, and she is doing all she can to save it.

At just 21 years old, Baileigh McTheny says it's a struggle balancing work and family, especially as a single mom. Her daughter is just one year old, and this latest news of the daycare's closing is devastating.

"Daycare is hard to find, especially with having to go through DES," said McTheny. "It's a process for them to approve the daycare, and get the kid into the daycare."

After trying several daycares, McTheny says she was amazed at the level of childcare provided at Phoenix Christian Daycare.

"Diaper rash or my daughter coming home sick, but this daycare, no," said McTheny. "They take care of the kids very very well. They have a unique bond with each individual child."

But then came a heartbreaking letter that saying the daycare is set to close in February, leaving about 85 parents in limbo. Now, McTheny is urging folks to donate to her GoFundMe page.

"Every parent I know loves this daycare, the workers love it, try to do something to get it up and running," said McTheny.

Phoenix Christian Daycare is connected to a church, and is more affordable than most. It charges less than $200 a week, compared to others that charge close to $300.

"We're not as high as others, because we didn't want to cause as much hardship on the parents," said Ann Willyard with Phoenix Christian Assembly.

Phoenix Christian Assembly has been taking care of a good portion of the costs.

"We are kind of in a depressed area, as far as income goes. We just wanted to be able to help as many as we could," said Willyard. "Now, it is to our detriment because we can't pay all the bills we need to pay.

The daycare says it need to raise a significant amount, $15,000 a month to keep it open. Otherwise, they would need to raise their prices, which is something they don't want to do.

GoFundMe for Phoenix Christian Assembly Daycare