Police conduct DUI task force patrols ahead of New Year's Eve

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- In an attempt to cut down the number of crashes and preventable deaths, police agencies across Arizona are out in full force until the end of the year.

Those law enforcement agencies are keeping an eye on drivers who may be under the influence.

The Phoenix Police Department hosted a special DUI task force event on December 27. Earlier in the evening, there was a short briefing where the officers were treated to some pizza before they went out to look for impaired drivers.

So far, we only saw two people arrested for DUI here.

Police stressed the importance of looking for other options if you're going to drink for the holidays.

"Over 4,000 sober designated drivers so far this year. Three people in a car, one is sober and driving. By the way, sober means no drink whatsoever. Not less drunk," said Alberto Gutier of the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

There are also many options when it comes to this New Year's Eve. The light rail is offering free rides, and some ride sharing companies are offering discounts.