Police seek driver of suspicious van seen in Gilbert

GILBERT, Ariz. -- Police need help identifying a suspect who they say approached a young girl while driving a white van near Lindsay and Williams Field roads.

Take a look at the sketch of the suspect. Police say this is the man they're looking for after he attempted to lure a girl inside his van on September 13. They describe the suspect as a white male in his mid-30s with damage or a gauge in his right earlobe.

Police say the suspect was driving a Nissan cargo van when he offered the pre-teen girl a ride home.

One nearby resident says she sees many white vans like the one police are searching for.

"I just feel afraid for the people who are here because there are a lot of little kids in this area," said Nancy Stagl.

Police stated the driver did not exit the vehicle, nor did he ever make physical contact with the juvenile female.

The girl told investigators she felt like she was being tricked and ran home without having any further contact with the man.

Neighbors say the community is well connected and will work together to get a bad man off the streets.

"It's just a shame. I mean, the times we live in right now.. it's not safe and it's sad," said Stagl.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Gilbert Police Department at (480) 503-6500.