Remora Tracking device: AZ company looks for backers on Kickstarter

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An Arizona-based company has a Kickstarter campaign to help them fund a personal mobile tracking device that they say could be beneficial for a lot of people.

"Remora device is a lightweight, unnoticeable, affordable device that allows you to track the most important people and things in your life," said Nicole Zeno, co-founder of the Remora Device.

You can place the small plastic disc on a person or a pet to track where they are at all times.

The Remora is the brainchild of Zeno and Sean McManus. Their small team, which consists of a number of Arizona State University graduates, have been working on the technology for the past couple of years. They're now ready to start production.

The device uses cell service to track a person within 10 feet.

"That means that the device can be in China and us here in Arizona can track that device," said Zeno.

The founders say it would be useful for parents with children, or even pet owners to make sure you known where everyone is at anytime.

"If your dog gets out, or let's say, your kid has a route to school, if they get off that route, you get an alert," explained Zeno.

They call it a small device for a big piece of mind.

The device is about $70, plus a $10 monthly service fee.

If you're interested in supporting the business, head to their Kickstarter page at