Salsa fundraiser held for family of toddler who needs new heart

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Life has been quite a challenge for 2-year-old Zion Rogers.

"It's an OK day, he's perked up a little bit," said Stacey Rogers, Zion's mother.

He was born with heart defects and since birth, Zion has needed a new heart.

"He's got cardiomyopathy," said Harvey Abrams of AAAAH Wellness. "The problem with it is that he's not getting enough air into his body, so he needs oxygen and full-time care."

"He does have good days where he feels better than there's days and we really just try to embrace those days and on other days we just cuddle him as much as we can," Stacey said.

Around the clock, his schedule is jampacked with taking medications, IVIG treatments, chemo and at times, heart surgeries.

In the meantime, his antibodies just aren't ready, so his name sits on the wait list so his tiny body won't reject a heart transplant when he's ready.

"We have to get all of his levels at a certain number for him to be in the prime," Rogers said.

To help with the cost of treatments, Zion's family has put together a special fundraiser salsa for $10 a pint. While also partnering up with AAAAH Wellness in Mesa and donating a portion of the proceeds towards Zion's health fund and his new heart.

"We have massage acupuncture, regular forms of chiropractic and non-force," Abrams said. "Fat loss and body sculpting laser and so we're offering all those services at a discount."

Deadline to order salsa is April 30
You can pick up your salsa order at the May 4 fundraiser


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