Scottsdale birthday boy's dream comes true - with a visit from a garbage truck

Three-year-old Tyson loves garbage trucks.

The Scottsdale boy is so fascinated by them that his mom thought the perfect birthday present would be to invite the city's solid waste department to pay little Tyson a visit.

"With not being able to have a real party ... with everything that's going on right now, it's just perfect," said Emily Niesz, Tyson's mom.

Tyson even took a look inside the truck with the neighborhood trash collectors, learning all of the bells and whistles along the way.

"The trucks are sanitized every night so we knew it would be safe for him," said John Stumbaugh with the city's solid waste program. "[We] let him get a chance to check out a garbage truck up close and personal, instead of seeing it come by his home."

The 3-year-old's mother says it was a special moment for her son.

"They came up with this awesome idea to let him up in the truck and see how it works," said Niesz. "Just made it really special for a little guy who loves trucks."

It's a first-time thrill - and surprise birthday experience - that Tyson surely won't forget.