Sinema town hall: Senate candidate focuses on "everyday Arizonans"

PHOENIX -- It's one of the most talked about Senate races this year. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally vying for the seat Jeff Flake is leaving after one term.

Both Sinema and McSalley are U.S. Representatives.

On Tuesday, Rep. Sinema held a town hall in the Valley, where she described herself as a practical, middle of the road problem solver. She's running for Senate on the theme "Getting Things Done for Everyday Arizonans" and she stayed routinely on message before a friendly audience at Pima Medical Institute in north Phoenix.

"I want to make sure Arizonans who want to go to college or learn a trade or skill can do so without falling into crippling debt," she said.

Sinema has been labeled as an out-of-control radical in a barrage of negative ads by her Republican opponent, McSally. But the Phoenix Democrat says she'll stick to her bread-and-butter approach.

"Education, health care, access to jobs matter to them, so while Martha McSally might run a campaign based on false attacks against me, our campaign will stay focused on what matters to Arizonans," she said.

Does Sinema believe her earlier positions will be held against her?

"I think voters know who I am and who stands with them and shares their values," she replied.

On the sexual misconduct allegation leveled at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, Rep. Sinema said his accuser should be heard.

"Sexual assault and sex harassment are always wrong and people who do this do not deserve the public trust. What is important is an investigation in the public eye, so senators and the public can make a decision about the veracity of these claims."

People who try to forecast political races call this one a toss-up. We've reached out to the McSally campaign and look forward to covering campaign events she has in the Valley.