St. Mary's Food Bank helping TSA workers who are working without pay due to the shutdown

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- St. Mary's Food Bank helping out TSA workers who are doing their jobs and not getting paid during the Federal government shutdown. Those employees lined up for groceries Monday near Sky Harbor Airport, where 960 TSA employees work.

"We got an assembly line, putting together bags of food," said Tom Kertis with St. Mary's Food Bank. "Everything from cereal, Captain Crunch, peanut butter, canned good, putting them all together."

TSA workers working without pay to ensure nobody smuggles a weapon onto an airplane lining up for food.

"This will help immensely. I am grateful," said one TSA employee, barely able to hold back her emotions. "In high school, I used to volunteer for food bank. Didn't think I would have to use their services, but I am glad they are here. Oh, I am really grateful they are here. Oh my God, this will help out so much."

"Very helpful. Very appreciative and happy people are willing to help," said Trevor Hattaway, a TSA employee.

Many TSA workers did not want to speak on camera. For some, it's embarrassing lining up for charity when they're working for a living, even though now you're you've got no money coming in. Also, it doesn't look like they're going to get a paycheck anytime soon.

"If it keeps going into February, I am going to have a bit more of a problem, yeah," said Hattaway.

Some TSA workers are also worried about how they will pay their mortgages, rent, or car payments.