'Star Wars'-themed Instant Pots that look like R2-D2, Chewbacca now available

Williams Sonoma's "Star Wars" Instant Pots are currently available for preorder, and are expected to be available in stores starting Dec. 13.

Finally, something to aid in the process of braising our delicious porg-based stews.

Williams Sonoma has teamed up with Instant Pot to debut a line of pressure cookers decorated in the style of five different “Star Wars” characters.

“From Jedi Starfighters and heroic droids to hungry Sith lords, everyone in the galaxy is raving out about special edition ‘Star Wars’ collection,” writes Williams Sonoma in a very presumptuous message posted to its website. “Fulfill your destiny and restore order to your kitchen!”

Offerings include Instant Pots designed to look like R2-D2 and BB-8, which somewhat make sense, as well as “Stormtropper” and “Darth Vader” varieties, which simply feature pictures of their namesakes. There’s also a Chewbacca-inspired Instant Pot covered in a furry design with a bandolier running down the side.

The R2-D2, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader varieties retail for $99.95 each, being Duo models with 6-quart capacities. The BB-8 model is appropriately smaller at just 3-quarts, costing $79,95, and the Chewbacca variety has a capacity for 8-quarts and retails for $119.95.

Each Instant Pot is currently available for online preorder. The appliances are expected to be available in stores starting Dec. 13.


“Star Wars” fans not interested in using furry Instant Pots can currently find dozens of other “Star Wars”-branded kitchenware items at Williams Sonoma. Sadly, however, the retailer has failed to capitalize on a “Star Wars”-inspired ice cream maker like the one Willrow Hood swiped from Cloud City like a total boss.

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