Stolen golf clubs returned to 9-year-old champion

She is 9-years-old and a world champion golf player.

Her golf clubs were stolen right out of her family's car in Scottsdale, but this story has a happy ending.

The clubs have been returned.

Just days before Gracie McGovern was about to compete for a title in California; her clubs were stolen.

"Really happy I got them back," said Gracie McGovern.

Two women brought the stolen clubs into Play It Again Sports in Tempe, the shop buys and sells used sports equipment.

"Pretty much wanted to sell them and get a little bit of money for them. Didn't really look like golfers which is the first indication, and second of all they were full grown adults with a 9-year-old's clubs," said Greg Haase with Play It Again Sports.

Haase said he got a call earlier that morning, asking him to be on the lookout for Gracie's stolen golf clubs. When he saw the clubs, he knew what to do.

"Told her that these clubs match up with a stolen report, that we just had received, and that we need to hold on to these clubs, and we were going to notify the police department," said Haase.

The two women took off, but Greg got their license plate number. He then called Gracie and her dad.

"Gracie came down here, actually gave me a card, very appreciative, she was just bubbly and laughing, and she almost seemed like she forgot what happened yesterday," he said.

"It was just a thank you for his smart thinking and quick thinking," said Gracie.

Scottsdale Police are now searching for the two women who tried to sell the stolen clubs. Gracie is getting ready to head to California where she hopes to claim another title.