Storm chasers visit the Valley from the United Kingdom

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A group of British tourists arrived in the Valley this week for a storm chasing tour, and they definitely got their money's worth.

The group managed to get a look at that massive dust storm that stretched 70 miles across the Valley on Thursday.

People on this trip don't like storm damage. Rather, they love these demonstrations of nature's incredible power. For them, that big brown cloud bearing down on the Valley is positively thrilling.

"We don't see anything like it in Europe. No desert in Europe, only in Sahara, and it is not set up for chasing," said Paul Botten, who leads the group.

"It has been fantastic. This is our third day lucky," said Stuart Wilson. "Lightning storms, good photos, and yesterday, there was a large storm over Phoenix. Impacted the city. Saw it firsthand how impressive it is."

As for the heat we complain about this time of year, they don't mind. It's kind of a novelty if one spend most of his or her time in cool and rainy England.

And it turns out, our storms are world-class.

"Why am I doing this, I like the weather, extreme weather and lightning storms, trying to photograph them," said Wilson. "That is what it is all about. Showing friends photos and your blog so that is exciting."

These storm chasers are here for two weeks. Paul Botten's tour group from also conducts tours earlier in the summer, of the tornado alley in the Midwest.