Terminal 3 gets major renovations at Sky Harbor

Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has been under renovation for over a year now with some big changes on the way.

FOX 10's Anita Roman got a sneak peak at completed phase one of the terminal.

Work began back in 2015 and it's scheduled to be complete by 2020. Right now, crews are running on schedule, recently completing the first phase of the Terminal 3 modernization project.

It's out with the old and in with the new as the first phase of the Terminal 3 modernization project is complete and most would say impressive.

It's complete with an outdoor desert oasis and dog park. Inside, 31 new tech-friendly common use ticket counters will allow flexibility for airline use and user-friendly check-in kiosks.

The new terminal has charging stations at every chair and is eco-friendly.

"It's a solar sensor that when the Sun is shining, it turns off the interior lights during the day, at night, we'll illuminate... during the day, 365 days a year lights will be off in the building," Art Fairfield said.

There's also additional space for security, places to sit and regroup once you're clear, and access to the sky train.

"Once the airlines out of Terminal 2 are relocated into this facility, when it's complete, then Terminal 2, we will move to demolish Terminal 2 very similar to what took place in 1991 when we demolished Terminal 1 after Terminal 4 opened," James Bennett said.

The mayor of Phoenix is happy with the changes.

"Look at the number of people flying in and out of the Sky Harbor," Mayor Greg Stanton said. "When Sky Harbor is doing well, the economy is doing well."

The budget for the project is $590 million and is financed through revenues from things like parking, concession and tenant fees. No tax dollars are being used.

When the project is complete, Terminal 3 will go from 15 gates to 25 gates.