This 1-armed toddler's best friend is a 3-legged dog

Some people may view being born without a limb as a disadvantage, but having only a right arm led an Australian toddler to her best friend: a three-legged puppy.

Ella Peggie, 1, was born without her left arm but is a happy, healthy little girl, her parents said. She has amniotic band syndrome, a condition that can lead to various birth defects, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders. Symptoms vary, but the arms and legs are often most affected.

"She has found a way around by herself and doing things her own way. She uses her head and feet a lot to play, so she's adapting quite well," her mom, Brooke Hodgson, told MailOnline Australia. "Instead of crawling, she has learned how to bum shuffle around the home."

According to MailOnline Australia, Hodgson, who lives in Queensland, Australia, saw Snowy, a three-legged puppy, on an animal shelter website. She immediately called, and the Staffy Boston Terrier mix was part of the family a week later.