Valley high school English class raises funds to pass out free books

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A junior English class at Foothills Academy published a collection of poems and stories all for a good cause.

They sold their book entitled "Drift," and with the proceeds, the purchased about 500 new books to give away to the community.

"There's such a large epidemic on how many people can't read in our country, so we're supporting literacy and we're just trying to give to others because a lot of people can't afford it or they're really insecure too go too a library and get them," junior Kodey Bradshaw said.

The English class headed to downtown Phoenix to hand out free books of all genres, for all ages and reading levels.

"A lot of people have kids and they don't know how to read or they don't want to read and we've just given so many books to people who really do love to read it and want it," Olivia Rankin said.

Those who didn't pass on the opportunity for free reading material say what these students are doing truly makes a difference.

"I think literacy reading books as opposed to being educated by a flat screen smart device, that's become a little problem that we're coming up with," Austin Willcox said.

"To get free books.... not even the library gives them away for free," Arquesha Dates said. "Reading is really fundamental to the mind and it trains the mind. It's great. It really is. I wish I had read a lot more when I was younger."