Valley politician speaks out against Trump visit

Donald Trump is coming to the valley Saturday, but he isn't going to the Biltmore, his speech has been moved to the Phoenix Convention Center.

So many people signed up to get tickets to see Trump that the Republican Party of Maricopa County had to find a bigger venue.

One of the topics he's here to talk about is immigration, but his recent comments about the subject have irked some city leaders who are not too happy to hear he's coming to downtown.

The event is open to the public and thousands have purchased tickets. According to the Republican Party of Maricopa County 3,500 people have RSVP'd to the event.

Some people want the City of Phoenix to refuse to host such a controversial figure.

This all comes after Trump's comments linking illegal immigrants coming from Mexico to crime, rape, and drugs.

Phoenix Vice-Mayor Daniel Valenzuela spoke out, saying Phoenix residents have worked to rebuild the city's image after issues such as SB1070 and he says Trump doesn't reflect the city's values.

"Should the city allow Mr. Trump to speak at the Convention Center? My personal view is the taxpayers should not allow or provide a platform for such hate rhetoric which Mr. Trump has been spewing for the last couple of weeks," said Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said he doesn't agree with Donald Trump's views, but he says Trump has a right to use the convention center. In a statement the Mayor says in-part, "Mr. Trump has a right under the first ammendment to make absurd and emberassing statements, and the City of Phoenix will not attempt to censor political speech based on content. The convention center is a public facility, and open to everyone willing to pay for it, including Mr. Trump."

Trump's event is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Phoenix Convention Center's North Ballroom.