Valley residents in need received free dental care thanks to local non-profit

Several Valley dentists teamed up to offer free care to residents in need. 

At Bright Now Dental in Mesa, people with low incomes received free dental care thanks to the Smiles for Everyone Foundation.

"Exams, x-rays cleanings, fillings and extractions, trying to basically help everyone as soon as they get in the door and help everyone today," said Harleen Ahujah with Smiles for Everyone Foundation. 

Doctor Harleen Ahujah says last year they donated $40,000 in dental care.

Dennis Fite came in with pain Sunday morning. He said without the free care, he would never be able to fix the pain.

"I really don't have that because I'm on disability and it's really hard to put my money where it needs to go," said Fite. 

Steven Petrie will finally get his cavities filled.

"I was going through it for a little while," said Petrie. 

There were plenty of happy tears to go around when people's pain finally went away. 

"They come in, they can't eat, they can't chew, it really affects their day," said Dr. Ahujah. "Patients mention they haven't smiled in years, so it just breaks your heart when you hear that, so you just want to help as much as we can."