Valley students give back on last day of school before Thanksgiving break

It's a moment they've been preparing for for months.

The 25th Annual Turkey Trot, where students are Kyrene De La Sierra Elementary started their last day before Thanksgiving break going for a run around the field.

It's all to promote healthy living before a holiday filled with stuffing, but this is just part one, as Principal Lisa Connor said the learning doesn't stop here.

"We really were looking to help kids understand about that citizenship component, that giving back component and the importance that first responders and military play in our community are worldwide," she said.

She worked with the Phoenix Police and Fire Departments, who brought out some trucks and equipment to show the kids how it's done.

In turn, those students showed their gratitude, not only to first responders, but also by taking their leftover candy from Halloween, packing it up, and giving it to the veterans in our community.

"It's important because these people, they do a lot of us and we need to give thanks to them because they are very important in our community because they serve us and do lots of things," Kennedy Hannsen said.

The goodie bags were put together by student council and the kids put their thanks into action, all even before the turkey hits the table.