Valley teen speaks after crash involving suspected drunk driver

A Valley teenager is talking to FOX 10 from her hospital bed, after she was hit by a suspected drunk driver that left her badly injured.

It all happened, according to Mindy Markle, in the blink of an eye. A split second.

"And before I knew it, I just got hit," said Markle, 16.

Her life would change forever.

"It's hard because sometimes I wake up, and I remember that my legs are broken," said Markle, who suffered two broken legs, five surgeries, and three painful weeks.

"I really want him to learn that he's ruined my life, and my friend's life," said Markle.

It all happened on Tuesday, October 24, when Markle and three of her friends were heading home on I-17, when they ran out of gas. Markle and her friend got out, and decided to try and push the car to the nearest exit, but the trip didn't even make it there.

A man, identified as Vince Vaughn, slammed into Markle.

"I fell to the floor and I crawled," said Markle. She remembered one number for her friend to call - her grandmother's.

"I said, 'Grandma, I'm dying. I got into a wreck. Some guy had hit me. I got into a wreck. There's so much blood,'" said Markle. At that point, she was losing blood in her legs by the seconds. She admits she was losing hope at the time.

"I knew that was it," said Markle. "I looked at my legs, how bad they were, and I knew I accepted it. I knew that it was my time to go."

We are learning more on Vaughn, the suspect who allegedly slammed the car into Markle. Court records show Vaughn was more than two times the legal limit, and is a convicted felon who has already been in jail for DUI's, twice.

Markle is forgiving the man who changed her life, and she hopes that by sharing the story, it will stop someone else from making the same, dangerous mistake.

"I have an opportunity to impact other people's lives, that's definitely what I want to do now," said Markle.