What happens to losing Super Bowl team’s pre-made gear?

There can only be one Super Bowl-winning team, but the pre-made merchandise for the losing team is a big win for those in need. 

"Somewhere out there, there's a parallel universe where it looks like the Chiefs are last year's Super Bowl champions," explained Shari Rudolph with GOOD360, a non-profit that's been working with the NFL for the last eight years.  

GOOD360 helps ensure those unsellable items don’t hit the market or a landfill. Rather they’re donated overseas to people and places that need them the most. 

"Approved regions could be in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America," she explained. "Having access to this type of product and this quality of product life-changing," she noted. 


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So after this Sunday's big game, it'll be either the Bengals or the Rams, donning their winning gear and hoisting the Lombardi trophy. The losing side at least has a silver lining.

"There is a silver lining, these goods that have already been produced will go to help people in need," Rudolph said.