YCSO: Toddlers hospitalized after testing positive for THC, father arrested

A Yavapai County man was arrested after his two young daughters tested positive for THC. Police say the girls got a hold of his edible marijuana gummies.

According to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, 22-year-old Francis Mendoza-Keel said he smoked two marijuana cigarettes before going to bed and wasn't sure if he put the rest of his marijuana away before he fell asleep. When his wife returned home, the 3-year-old was staggering, collapsed, and became unconscious. He believes the girl got into his 50-milligram sour rainbow belts.

"He stated that he takes one of them, and they make him feel like he's been tranquilized, or they have a tranquilizing effect. It needs to be noted that he's 6' tall and 250 pounds, and his 35-month-old daughter of his ate four, he believes, of these same gummies, and she's only maybe 30 pounds," said YCSO's Chris Wilson.

The girl was transported to Phoenix Children's Hospital and remains in the intensive care unit. Her 1-year-old sister was also checked into the hospital. She tested positive for THC and was malnourished.

PCH doctors say these types of cases are being seen all over the Valley and this type of poisoning can be deadly to a child.

"These edibles have a lot more of the active substance of marijuana than a traditional smoking it or other forms," explained PCH emergency room physician, Dr. McGreevy.

He says parents should treat this substance just like any other narcotic.

"It should be stored up high, locked away where children are unable to get to it and explore and find it on accident."

YCSO says Mendoza-Keel has a medical marijuana card. He was arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse.

This is still an open investigation. There's no word yet if the girls' mother will face charges.