4-year-old finishes last round of chemo

A 4-year-old diagnosed with Stage IV brain and spinal cancer celebrated a remarkable day, her last day of chemotherapy.

Audrey is being treated at Cardon Children's Medical Center in Mesa, and her health is on the mend. It's a milestone her parents thought she might not reach.

"There is something so special about her, she's just incredible and you know it from the second you meet her," said Ashley Rhodes.

"They told us they didn't know if she'd be able to walk again, and as you can see today she battled it," said Audrey's dad.

As a toddler, she was diagnosed with a disease where malignant cancer cells form in muscle tissue. About a year ago she underwent surgery and then chemotherapy treatments.

"We've been doing chemo for over a year now, it's been a long year," said her dad.

Her father says that over the course of the year they prepared for the worse. Her parents have spent more than half of the past year spending nights at the hospital. Now they're coming to terms with this positive change.

"To start hearing that we only have to come once a month, it's a crazy feeling," said her father.

With her last treatment behind her, Audrey's dad says they're excited but anxious about the future. With the possibility of remission and long-term side effects from the chemo her parents hope it's the last time she will have to suffer through something like this.

"I think that's our hope for the future, just be a normal kid," said her dad.

"I'm glad for her, she doesn't have to be here and gets to be a normal kid. But we're gonna miss her so much," said Rhodes.

Audrey has one more scan in August, and they hope it comes back clean. After that, her family will see what follow-up treatment comes next.

Audrey's family has started a blog, for more information visit: http://audreynoelle.com/