911 call surrounding abandoned newborn released by Tempe Police

As Tempe Police continue to look for the parents of a newborn baby left in a grocery store parking lot, the 911 call for help on that day has now been released.

The call, which was made on Sunday, features a person's call for help, after he found the little girl that was left in a backpack.

The man on the phone wasn't exactly sure what to do, as he had a newborn baby who was visibly just born in his arms, and the parents were no where in sight. Throughout the call, the stranger was left to check on the infant's vitals, and hold onto her until medics arrived.

When the 911 dispatcher asked whether the baby was injured, the man said she was not, and that the baby looks "beautiful".

On the phone with the 911 dispatcher was an employee from Food City, the grocery store where the baby was dropped off at. There was probably no way to prepare that person for the situation, and the man said he has never had to deal with anything like this before.

No employees saw who dropped the newborn girl in the cart, and police have yet to find her parents.

As for requests to adopt the baby, DCS officials work with a number of adoption agencies in the Valley: