'Guiding Emily': Arizona author's book set to become a Hallmark movie

An inspirational story written by a local author will soon be a Hallmark movie.

We first told you about the novel, "Guiding Emily" written by Barbara Hinske back in 2020. Now, her audience will grow dramatically when the movie comes out next month.

"Guiding Emily is the story about Emily Main, a young woman who loses her eyesight," Hinske said. "It’s on her honeymoon and Garth the guide dog, he starts the book as a puppy and then goes through training and becomes a guide dog."

Hinske, a former lawyer, has written more than 20 books. She was inspired to write this novel when she toured The Foundation for Blind Children on Northern Avenue.

"I asked the development director what do you need, what can I do to help?" Hinske said. "’He said, well we need money, we're a non-profit, and we need to raise awareness of the isolation that visually impaired people feel within the sighted community.’ I said, I’m an author, I can help on both of those things."

Half of the book’s proceeds are donated to the foundation, which serves more than 2,000 blind and visually impaired clients. But now, the powerful story will inspire many more when the Hallmark movie, "Guiding Emily" comes out next month.

Hinske and her husband just returned to Phoenix after being on the movie set in Canada.

"This has some tough scenes," Hinske said. "When the doctor takes her bandages off, and she knows I'm blind for the rest of my life. That’s a tough scene. Every single solitary person on set cried during that scene."

Actress Sarah Drew plays the role of Emily. As for pup Garth, eight yellow Labrador Retrievers were on set to play the sweet guide dog.

"I'm really hoping people tune in because if it does well enough, it will become a television series," Hinske said. "That prospect is delightful to me and so encouraging to the visually impaired community."

"Guiding Emily" comes out on September 8th on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. September is also National Guide Dog Month.

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