Arizona Corporation Commission holds emergency meeting amid fears over California-style blackouts

Record-breaking heat in recent days have raised concerns over a surge in energy use during peak times, while people try to keep cool.

There are concerns the extra power could lead to rolling blackouts, like those experienced by people in California. On the night of August 21, Arizona's Corporation Commission held an emergency meeting to prevent it from happening in the state.

"Friday, several million people were impacted. Saturday, another million people. So my concern was how are we prepared in Arizona. Has anything changed with the incredible heat in Phoenix," said Commissioner Lea Marquez Peterson.

Peterson says the commission needs an emergency meeting to get assurances from utility companies blackouts won’t happen.

"If air conditioning were turned off in Arizona or energy was impacted, it could be a life-and-death situation here with our intense temperatures," said Peterson.

APS official speaks out

"We don’t anticipate having to take some of the extreme measures like California is with rolling blackouts," said APS Spokesperson Jill Hanks.

Hanks says the power won’t be shut off, but the company is still asking people to try and conserve energy during the peak hours of 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

"We are asking our customers to conserve because we’re part of a widespread weather event impacting power supply," said Hanks. "While our supplies are good, but the off-chance something happens, we want to be able to keep the lights on for our customers."