Arizona great-grandma featured in Facebook photo dies

PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona woman who became a social media sensation earlier this month thanks to a photo of her cradling her newborn great-granddaughter has died.

Sarah Hamm says her 101-year-old great-grandmother, Rosa Camfield, died in her sleep in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler late Monday night.

Hamm took a picture of her newborn daughter with Camfield on March 17 and posted it to her Facebook page.

Hamm says Life of Dad, an entertainment website, put the photo on its own Facebook page.

That post has since garnered more than 2.5 million "likes" and been shared nearly 79,000 times.

Commenters have also been posting pictures of elderly relatives holding much younger family members.

Hamm says Camfield would have been very happy but very shocked that one photo could create such a stir.