Arizona Humane Society takes in nearly 40 Chihuahuas living in Phoenix home

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The Arizona Humane Society has taken in 38 Chihuahuas that were found in a Phoenix home on Thursday.

On June 13, AHS received a call regarding several Chihuahuas living in a home. Two AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technicians arrived at the scene to ensure the safety of the dogs and found that the dogs had food, water, and shelter. The air conditioning was also on and the Chihuahuas all appeared to be in good health.

The AHS team returned to the house on June 14 and worked with the owner of the house to remove the dogs and take them to AHS to receive proper care. AHS says while the dogs appear to be in good health, the medical team is going to conduct medical exams on all 38 dogs as well as give them vaccinations.

AHS says this situation stresses the importance of neutering and spaying our pets. While the homeowner was "in over his head," he was cooperating with the AHS team with whatever they needed.