Arizona International Auto Show to kick off in Downtown Phoenix

It has become a Thanksgiving tradition.

The Arizona International Auto Show will kick off on Thursday, with hundreds of cool cars on display at the Phoenix Convention Center.

From the latest Porsche models to the low riders, the auto show features nearly 500 new vehicles from over 35 different manufacturers.

"You can come down, climb in the car, compare Honda to Toyota to Ford to Nissan, get in the car and see if the the kids fit in the back sit, learn about new technologies, and even take more than 75 vehicles for test drives," said Deedee Taft.

Taft said it's an event where people come, have fun, and check out what's in the marketplace.

"A lot of new safety features you can learn about, as well as just new technology," said Taft. "Every car now, they have Wi-fi, massaging seats."

Some manufacturers are unveiling some of their new products with the latest trends, like a driver assist program. Kia is just one manufacturer excited to showcase their first ever sports sedan: the Kia Stinger.

"It has all the latest technology, and Kia is a a very good value too," said Taft. "It's not only sporty but it's also safe too. It's just a new fun car for people to take a look at."