Arizona man accused of having child porn on his phone, police investigators say

Phoenix Police investigators say they have arrested a 39-year-old man for allegedly having explicit material showing sexual activities involving children.

According to court documents, Christian Paul Lacheta was arrested on May 17.

Investigators say an investigation into Lacheta began in late January, when an electronic service provider reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that a user with the name Christian Lacheta uploaded several images of child sexual exploitation, using a residential IP address.

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Subsequently, investigators say search warrants were served on the electronic service provider and the IP address, and a search warrant was served at Lacheta's home on May 17.

"Post Miranda, Christian admitted having the account that was originally reported," read a portion of the court documents. "He admitted that the e-mail associated with the account is his only e-mail, and stated that no one else uses the Wi-Fi at their residence except for him and his wife. Christian did not answer any questions regarding the child sexual explotation images within the account."

Court documents included graphic descriptions of at least some of the materials in question, which were found on his cell phone.

Lacheta, according to investigators, is facing multiple counts of sexual exploitations of minor. A judge has set a $75,000 secured appearance bond for Lacheta. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 26.