Biden's Battle for Unity; Trump Immunity Impact | Battleground Ep. 5

Joe Biden's campaign efforts in Philadelphia, addressing Democrats' concerns post-debate; young voters' disinterest in the candidates; exploring voter polarization and anxiety, suggesting ways to bridge the divide; and analyzing new swing state polling data on key states like Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

America reacts: Inflation’s impact & panic in the DNC | Battleground Ep #4

Inflation, a critical concern for voters, takes center stage as we explore its impact in North Carolina with insights from Morgan Fogarty of WCCB Charlotte. We also analyze the aftermath of the first head-to-head debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, featuring reactions from Georgia with Russ Spencer of FOX 5 Atlanta. Finally, we turn our focus to Erie County, Pennsylvania, a key bellwether with a consistent track record of siding with the winning candidate, with perspectives from Ethan Kibbe of Erie News Now. Join host S.E. Cupp as she navigates these crucial topics and provides a comprehensive overview of the current political climate in the swing states.

Abortion, Border Crisis & Foreign Policy | Battleground Ep #3

In this episode of Battleground: The Swing States, we dive into the most contentious issues of the election in the key swing states. From the abortion debate to border security, we explore how these topics are influencing voter decisions in Arizona. Plus, the conflict between Israel and Hamas is impacting the Arab-American vote in Michigan. We hear directly from voters on how this issue is shaping their choices in November. Join us as we analyze the critical head-to-head debate in Georgia, where candidates are vying for the vital African-American vote. With exclusive reports, voter insights, and expert analysis, we uncover which issues are swaying the most votes in these battleground states.

Margins of power | Battleground Ep. 1

In this premiere episode, S.E. Cupp talks with FOX 29 Philadelphia's Jeff Cole, FOX 10 Phoenix's Ellen McNamara, FOX 6 Milwaukee's Jason Calvi, and a number of other local journalists about this election's swing states.