Arizona saw record-breaking cold and snowfall this winter

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- From rain, to hail, and a whole lot of snow, it was definitely a wet, wild and cold winter in Arizona.

Many will remember the "Snowpocalypse" that transformed Flagstaff into a winter wonderland.

"Back on February 21, they had their greatest one-day snowfall ever on record. 35.9 inches, that goes back to 1898," said Larry Hopper with the National Weather Service. "They also had 115 inches so far since October 1, which puts it 13th ever on record, and 6th in the last four years."

Along with snow in the High Country, there was plenty of rain in the Valley.

Hopper says this winter is one for the books, as Arizona hasn't experienced anything like this in over 20 years.

"Winter here in Phoenix, at least the astronomical winter, was the second coldest that we have had since 1980, and the coldest that we had since 1997-98," said Hopper.

Also, the number of convective warnings issued by National Weather Service office in October 2018 also broke records, with 37 flash flood warnings, 20 severe thunderstorm warnings, and 2 dust storm warnings, totaling 59.

"There's not any one particular cause," said Hopper. "We just had a very active storm track, and this is something that we typically will see if we get that active storm track during an El Niño year

Hopper says winter can stick around, as snow can fall in the High Country through April, but temperatures are expected to increase in the Valley. Also, all that rain could possibly mean a little less dust during monsoon season, but that is yet to be determined.