Arizona Snowbowl sees longest season in history

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (FOX 10) - May in the Valley usually means rising temperatures and warm desert days, but up in the high country, the ski and snowboarding season is still going strong. In fact, for Arizona Snowbowl, this will be their longest season, extending through May 19.

It's a historic time for Arizona Snowbowl as this season is the longest season they've ever had - and guests couldn't be happier.

"It's pretty dope that we get to snowboard [in] mid-May in Arizona," said Brandon.

"I think it's pretty great that they did that," said Cesar. "[I'm] super happy that we got more snow and, yeah, it's a great way to get people out of the house."

This weekend also happens to include Northern Arizona University's graduation ceremonies and Mother's Day. Drayton says his whole family came out from Hawaii to celebrate at Snowbowl.

"I'm from Hawaii, so I like the beach," Drayton said. "So Snowbowl was like my replacement for the beach. So [I] had some good times with my friends hitting the park [and] Agassiz. [We had a]bunch of fails but it was great, I loved it."

NAU graduate Jack says he had to come up this weekend and make it official.

"I graduated yesterday and I was like, 'I gotta go get the picture in the cap and gown,'" Jack said. "And I'm enjoying it. it's been a great four years [and] it's the perfect way to encapsulate my whole college career."

He also added that Snowbowl has meant a lot to him these past four years.

"It's definitely a place where I could just come and take my mind off school and relax," Jack said. "And I think it helped me with my studies - having that place I can go to [and] relax and get back in the zone to start studying again."

And the fact that the season was extended for a glorious two weeks is the icing on the graduation cake.

"[It was] definitely a pleasant surprise," Jack said. "I think the season started a little bit later than everyone expected, so I was a little scared in the beginning of the season. So this is just insane, it's definitely a great experience to be able to ski in may."