Arizona Snowbowl undergoing changes, as new ski season approaches

Putting on the skis may be the last thing people are thinking currently, as the first snow is still more than a few weeks away. There is, however, no downtime at Arizona's top ski resort.

During the summer, people can ride the summer scenic chairlift at the Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff. Below the chairlift, meanwhile, plans for next ski season are taking shape.

"This summer, we will be building our third new lift in three years," said J.R. Murray, General Manager of Arizona Snowbowl. "There is no off season anymore at the Arizona Snowbowl."

From video footage taken by the SkyFOX drone, a new quad ski lift is being built for the beginner hill.

"It's really intended to make skiing and snowboarding more enjoyable for beginners," said Murray.

In a forested area near last year's new six-person ski lift, a new restaurant with 300 tables will appear. In addition, a new bridge will make it easier to get to the lifts.

"It's a pedestrian bridge, making it easier and safer to get over to the lifts," said Murray.

Snowbowl started making its own snow in 2012, and it's always been a popular place to ski.

"People used to know about our great skiing, but they often had to wait in lines to ride the lifts," said Murray.

That's why Snowbowl officials made installing new lifts a priority.

"Two years ago, we built the Humphries Lift," said Murray. "That's a quad or four-person. Last year, we built the Grand Canyon Express, six-person high speed. Eliminated the lift lines. Just made it easier for people to ski, get more skiing in, and it's been a real game changer."

Even while people ride the scenic chair lift in the fall, they will see new construction, along with spectacular views.

"People love coming up to the Arizona Snowbowl," said Murray. "It's our job to get ready for them and to manage that, and we are up to the task."

As for lift tickets next year, Snowbowl officials say the adult all-day lift ticket will be priced at $79, up from $75 last year. Tickets during the holiday periods are $89, same as last year.