Arizona summer tourism up: Prescott, Yuma make the top 10 list

PHOENIX -- The summer didn't seem to detour tourists to our state. Arizona is on pace to eclipse 10 million visitors for the third quarter for the first time ever.

The Arizona Office of Tourism kicked off a six-week campaign to get more people traveling this summer. Phoenix, Tucson and Scottsdale were the most visited cities, but smaller cities, like Prescott and Yuma also made the top 10.

Colleen Milam, who owns Sheldon Street Lodge in Prescott says she's seen an uptick of customers during the summer months.

"We had a lot of staycationers and foreigners as well that are doing a lot of Arizona," she said. "I would definitely say there was a steady increase in tourism this year for sure."

Tourism is a big business in our state. Last year, nearly 44 million people visited Arizona, bringing in a record $23 billion.