Asian-American man reportedly targeted in race-related incident during Phoenix Suns game

An Asian American man claims that a person at a Phoenix Suns basketball game on March 30 threw a beer at him while yelling profanities.

The alleged victim attended the game with his 10-year-old and 4-year-old children, and while he expected to see some action on the court, friends say he never should have had to watch his own back.

"He’s shaken up about it. Really upset," said Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce CEO Vicente Reid.

Reid said the alleged victim, who is a good friend of his, called him after the game, saying that he had been a victim of a hate crime while sitting in one of the stadium lounges.

"He heard someone shout '[expletive] Asians,' and then he got hit with a beer bottle in the back," said Reid. "He was more upset, you know, that his children had to witness such a hateful act."

Officials with the Phoenix Suns have tweeted in response to these claims, saying that they are working with the man and Phoenix Police to investigate the incident, adding that:

Reid says his hope is that crimes and discrimination against Asians will be taken more seriously, and that people can become more united, regardless of race or background.

"More awareness of what is going on. <ore solidarity between communities to move Arizona forward," said Reid.

Reid said the alleged victim took off work for March 32, and he says for him, that is not normal at all. No one was physically hurt, but this act he says definitely took its toll.

FOX 10 has reached out to the alleged victim's lawyer, but the lawyer has yet to respond.