Ban on fires at Phoenix parks goes into effect May 1

A ban on fires at city parks, including desert parks and mountain preserves, went into effect on Saturday.

The city of Phoenix enabled the ban due to the drought and arrival of warmer temperatures.

"In consultation with the Phoenix Fire Department, smoking and charcoal fires are included in the ban due to the extreme fire danger that the combination of low humidity, increased temperatures, excessive dry vegetation, and frequent high winds create each spring," stated officials.

City leaders put the rule in place the same day as county parks are banning open fires.

"We're trying to follow with Maricopa County and their parks, so we decided it would be easier if it were May 1 throughout the entire county," said Capt. Rob McDade of the Phoenix Fire Department. "It would not take long for an area like this to go up in flames in a fire that would spread quickly."

The ban applies to the following parks:

  • Camelback Mountain
  • Deem Hills Recreation Area
  • Lookout Mountain
  • Papago Park
  • Phoenix Mountains Park and Recreation Area
  • Phoenix Mountains Preserve
  • Phoenix Sonoran Preserve
  • North Mountain Park
  • Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area
  • South Mountain Park/Preserve.

The ban does not apply to the city's flatland parks.

According to, for those using the city's desert parks and preserve land, the fire ban stipulates the following:

  • Open wood and charcoal fires are prohibited
  • Propane or gas grills may be used, but only in established picnic areas
  • Smoking outside enclosed vehicles is prohibited year-round
  • Fireworks are prohibited year-round

The ban on fires could last until September or October.


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