Beaver rescued from Tempe Town Lake heads to new home

A FOX 10 follow up with a happy ending. The beaver found last month trapped in Tempe Town Lake is back in the wild.

He spent the past several weeks being nursed back to health at the Southwest Wildlife and Conservation Center.

Game and Fish officials released him near Congress, Arizona.

He seemed a little scared at first, but soon the beaver made his way back into the wild. It's been a long road to recovery, but his rescuers believe he is happy and healthy now.

"He definitely does not want to be a captive animal, he wants to be back where he belongs," said Kim Carr with the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

The beaver was found last month, lethargic and sick near the construction site of the new Tempe Town Lake Dam. He's been at the center ever since.

"He had to be on a course of antibiotics... we know it is time," said Carr.

So this morning they loaded up the 45 pound beaver and brought him to the OX ranch about 45 minutes northwest of Wickenburg.

This is the third beaver Game and Fish have released at this ranch, the other two found a home just downstream.

"He should find some more beavers to hang out with, he won't be by himself for sure," said Amy Burnett with Arizona Game and Fish.

And he won't have any trouble here from the human residents, the ranchers welcome the animals.

"The owner wants them because they build dams, and they'll back up the water so our cattle can drink" said Ty Sorrells.

With the rescuers watching he didn't waste any time getting back into the water.

"It is always very rewarding to be part of the rescue, but if you can be part of the release it is definitely a highlight," said Tony Sola.

Just a few minutes after leaving his cage, the beaver was gone.