Believe it or not, some companies are still hiring amid the coronavirus pandemic

Layoffs are soaring as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with an analysis from Goldman Sachs predicting initial claims for unemployment benefits rising to a record 2.4 million this week.

There is a silver lining for jobseekers, however, with a tremendous amount of need in some fields, there are a lot of places hiring around the Valley.

Banner Health hiring

Banner Health is preparing for an influx of COVID-19 in Arizona, and in order to do they, they need to fill positions. They have 950 job postings in the Valley, anything from entry-level positions to physicians.

Company officials say many of these positions have been open, but with the pandemic, they say it is so important for everything to be in place. They have been holding virtual hiring events to abide by social distance guidelines.

"We have needs in ICU and clinicians. We also can’t underestimate front line needs, the folks that clean rooms in the hospitals. We have three Level 1 trauma centers throughout Phoenix market, so that’s where sickest patients go, not only in those locations. We are looking for positions," said Naomi Cramer, in a phone interview.

Other companies also hiring

Grocery stores such as Basha's, AJ's Fine Foods, Food City, Safeway, Sprouts and many others are in urgent need of help due to a growing demand for goods.

A spokesperson for Basha's, AJ's Fine Foods and Food City says people can just walk in and talk to a manager about open positions.

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