Tucson father convicted in clash over school COVID-19 mandates

In September 2021, cellphone video showed Kelly Walker and two other men in the doorway of an office at Mesquite Elementary School. They stated they would make a "citizen’s arrest" of the principal. Walker was upset his child would have to isolate and miss a school field trip because of possible exposure to someone with COVID-19.

Judge tosses Arizona suit over limits on COVID-19 relief funds

A judge has dismissed Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s demands that the state stop sending millions in federal COVID-19 relief money to schools that don’t have mask requirements or that close due to outbreaks.

Families now deciding if they want to get their kids the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine

Young families like the Thorstesens have some decisions to make regarding the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine for infants and toddlers. Dr. Andrew Carroll has the pediatric doses of Pfizer and is ready to administer them in his Chandler office. He says it’s important to get the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine to protect the child and other family members.

Arizona governor OK’s ban on school COVID-19 vaccines

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation that will prevent state health officials from ever adding a COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required school vaccinations and bar face mask mandates in any buildings operated by state or local governments.