COVID-19: New Arizona figures show big increase in new cases, but officials say there's more to the numbers

Officials with the Arizona Department of Health Services say they have an explanation behind new numbers that appear to show a large increase in COVID-19 cases in Arizona.

According to the new numbers, there were 26,866 newly-reported COVID-19 cases in Arizona for the past week, but officials say the numbers are almost entirely the result of one laboratory reporting cases that occurred throughout 2022.

"In reality, Arizona saw 1,890 cases for the week ending Feb. 18," read a portion of the statement.

Death counts are not affected by the reporting anomaly, according to AZDHS officials.

"This kind of reporting anomaly has occurred occasionally for COVID-19 updates, though usually not to this degree," read a portion of the statement.

Health officials also say the best way to look at COVID-19 case trends is to look at the Cases By Week curve, which they say is showing new case counts still below the levels seen in Fall 2022.

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