Big Surf Waterpark closed due to 1st-alarm fire

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You can see the damage from the sky.

The roof of the women's restroom at Big Surf is charred from last night's fire. The parking lot has a view too, right in front of the main entrance, but it's a sigh that the Swords family had to see for themselves.

"We were coming to check out our family home, our summer home... this is where we are all the time," Julie Swords said.

Julie brings her family here almost every day when we're in triple digits, but today, they'll watch some Netflix inside after the fire forced the park to shut its doors.

"Netflix it... haha, yeah, yeah," she said.

Here's what it looks like from the inside. It happened a few hours after closing last night. No one was hurt and only the bathroom has damage and fire crews spent the morning looking into a cause.

You'll remember another fire broke out in May of last year, and it turned out the cause was an accident, but it damaged a locker room and the gift shop.

But that fire was much worse than this one with maintenance supervisor Rhett Pena expecting a quick turnaround.

"We're aiming for tomorrow," Pena said. "We're still working on restoring essential functions to the facilities. As soon as we get that back up and the place cleaned up for a bit, we'll be able to open to the public, so we're aiming for tomorrow."