Body camera captures officer-involved shooting on tape

An officer was wearing a body camera when a suspect in Morenci opened fire on officers.

It is a terrifying recording, the moment when both officers were shot and returned fire.

It all happened out in the public on Highway 191 in Morenci, which is four hours east of Phoenix.

Warning: the video in this story may be disturbing, viewer discretion is advised.

On January 26, around 11 p.m., Clifton Police Sergeant Jason Mingura and Greenlee County Sheriff's Deputy Jon Mennen approached a domestic violence suspect. Mennen's body camera captured the tense moments.

"You by yourself or do you have someone else in the vehicle? Let me see your hands, I'm going to open the door... he's got a gun, (gunshot sounds)."

The officers were both shot and then chaos as both ran for cover and returned fire.

The video doesn't show the whole scene, but you can hear the intensity.

"Put the gun down! Put the gun down!" said one of the officers.

The suspect is seen still with his gun, wailing in the background. Then minutes later the suspect's relatives arrive on the scene.

"Ah that's the girl, that's the girl, put your hands up! He has a gun, put your hands up," said one of the officers.

As the officers waited for help, you can hear Mennen try and keep Mingura's spirits up.

"We got men coming this way; we're going to make it Jason," said Mennen.

"I'm done," said Mingura.

"No you are not done bro, meds are right there, meds are right there," said Mennen.

Mingura and Mennen both made it out that day.

"I was shot in the abdomen, the vest was able to stop it, I was also shot in the right shoulder," said Mingura.

"I had to get a bone graph from my left hip to rebuild my two fingers," said Mennen.

A few weeks after that harrowing day, both received a memorial fund donation, both said they were thankful for the community's support.

The suspect, 29-year-old Chris Ingram was later pronounced dead at the hospital from gun shot wounds. An investigation completed by DPS says the officers were justified in using deadly force against the suspect.