Brexit leads to bargains for American travelers

The British economy has taken a huge hit since vote results were announced last week, but it's good news for travelers heading to the UK.

You could call them Brexit Bargains. England's taken a hit which means the American dollar buys more right now. That can mean big savings on airfare, hotels, food, gifts, tours; you name it. If you're planning to go and you see a good deal, jump on it.

Some airfare prices are down since the vote.

"United Airlines has $765 one stop each way, sit in an airport and save $600 to $700 versus what it was," said an agent with Terra Travel.

$600-700 cheaper flying to London, and it's not just airfare that is cheaper. Food, hotels, and tours are also a lot less than normal.

The exchange rate currently favors American travelers since the pound is down and the dollar is up. The dollar is stronger against the pound. Last week before the Brexit vote if you wanted to buy a pound it would cost you about a dollar and fifty cents. But now a pound is only a dollar and thirty cents. You save twenty cents; that's money in your pocket.

It's good news for people traveling to England.