Calls for review into Phoenix Police's response of post-Donald Trump Rally violence

Nearly one week after President Donald Trump's visit to Phoenix, the city's manager is asking for an independent review of Phoenix Police's actions after the rally, which saw sporadic acts of violence.

Officers said they used tear gas, pepper balls and flash bangs to disperse protesters, after items were thrown at them, and Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said the officers reaction was appropriate. Some activist groups, however, called the response "excessive".

"The performance of our police department was on view for the world, and I thought they did an outstanding job," said City Manager Ed Zuercher. He went on to say the city is proposing a $50,000 study by an independent commission to see just how they did, because of issues related to public confidence.

"Ultimately, our police department has to have the public's confidence, and I think this review will give us the tools we need to maintain that confidence, and enhance that confidence with our officers," said Zuercher.