Camelback Christmas tree returns despite City of Phoenix ban

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on top of Camelback Mountain. Over the weekend, the Camelback Christmas tree reappeared, despite a ban imposed by the City of Phoenix.

The Phoenix Parks Department did not like it for safety and environmental reasons. It eventually came down last year, then went back up again this year, although the parks department has asked people not to put up a tree.

>>SkyFOX aerial video: Christmas tree on Camelback Mountain

"I think it is pretty cool. Seen them do it last three or four years.. fine with it, decorations and stuff.. people are bringing out stuff a little more organic. I think it is pretty cool,' said James Weverka, a hiker.

"You know, as I got to the top of the mountain, it made me feel festive.. holiday spirit.. awesome surprise to see that tree, really cool," said another hiker, Samantha Loomis.

Carlos Yanez added, "It is really cool, must have taken a lot.. that is awesome."

Parks Department Statement:
"Park rules prohibit trail users from leaving items atop the city's mountain summits and along any of its trails. City staff is mindful that this is a holiday tradition for some trail users, but reminds the individuals involved in this tradition to be respectful of how it impacts other trail users and the city's efforts to maintain that natural area. The staff reminds trail users to follow 'Take a Hike. Do it Right.' hiking safety guidelines and 'Leave No Trace' principles."

The City of Phoenix doesn't want Christmas-holiday trees on top of Camelback for safety and environmental reasons, but stops short of making it illegal. They're trying to discourage it, but that clearly isn't happening.