Car crashes through brick wall

It's not how you want to wake up in the morning, a car crashing into the wall of your home. But that is how one family woke up Thursday morning, the car landing feet away from a bedroom where one child was sleeping.

"It sounded like a monster stepping on a house," said Natalia Peyton.

7-year-old Natalia and her 9-year-old brother Hector could hardly believe the wake-up call they got.

"Sounds like a big explosion," said Hector Valdez.

It was just around 6:30 in the morning when a four-door sedan came crashing into the wall that backs up to Bethany Home Road and 45th Avenue.

"To be honest it sounded like a diesel gasoline truck had flipped over, or something, or maybe like a bomb. The kids were really scared, they were like scrambling," said Julia Zamora.

Julia ran out the front door to check on the driver and found the young woman inside the car, she was conscious with minor injuries. Glendale Police said another driver either ran or rolled through a stop-sign causing a three-car accident that forced this driver to hit the wall.

"I knew what happened because it was bound to happen on a corner house," said David Peyton.

The homeowners believe a pile of wood stacked against the wall prevented the car from going all the way into the house.

Zamora said another 30 minutes and her oldest son would have been on that very same sidewalk crossing the street on his way to school. The family is grateful that no one was seriously hurt. The kids were especially relieved the outdoor dogs survived.

"All of us love Shooter, and we were worried that he would get out of there," said Jessica Zamora.

Glendale Police say the driver who apparently caused the accident was cited at the scene.