Cardinals go up against military with video game competition

Just a few days after Veterans Day, one group is getting the Arizona Cardinals together with the military for a little friendly competition, and it was all for a simple, but great cause.

The simple but great cause is bringing joy and celebrating our men and women in uniform, by giving them a chance to get a break from the stresses of their job. However, just because they were having fun doesn't mean they weren't being competitive.

It's called the Pro vs. the GI Joe Program, which pits star athletes against military personnel for a day of video game battles.

"There's a lot of organizations that do some great things. We're just about fun. We're just about fun experiences," said Greg Zinone.

Cardinals Cheerleaders were cheering on both sides, and even the Cardinals Mascot, Big Red, joined in on the fun. Meanwhile, military personnel traded their uniforms for casual sweats.

Corey Howell, U.S. Marines Corps Lance Corporal
"Pretty cool to hang out with people that are stars for a living, and I'm just a regular guy," said Marine Corps Lance Corporal Corey Howell.

Cardinals Cornerback Bene Benwikere said he's thrilled to be here.

"This is just something that I enjoy, being out and being able to spend this time with them and their families," said Benwikere. Beniwikere said he has a personal connection, as his mother had two uncles that were in the military.

After a competitive session, they concluded with a dance battle.