Cat who lost leg in metal trap reunited with owner

A cat found with a metal trap on one of its hind legs two weeks ago in Chandler had been missing for more than a year.

It's been a year and a half since Amber Boles had seen her cat Henry Jones, Jr. who went missing during a move.

"Before Christmas Eve, the post reappeared on Straydar and it said it was 10 years old. Jones is a little bit older, but he's a unique color. I know he was my cat," Boles said.

Amber says as soon as she say Henry Jones Jr., she knew it was her cat.

"I'm not a crier and I just cried," Boles said.

The one who had stood by her side during chemo and other life changes. But the reunion wasn't what any cat owner would expect.

During the time Henry Jones Jr. was away, his leg got caught in a trap.

"They amputated his leg up to his hip. There was no way she could save it. His toes were necrotic," Boles said.

Now, Henry Jones Jr. is back home, in Boles' closet for the time being, until he is 100% recovered.

"My goal is to get to the point where he's not afraid of anything," Boles said.

But until then, Boles has a message for the person who put out the trap.

"Shame on you. For putting anything out there. I understand the need to protect your property from coyotes or whatever. They're a part of nature. He could have caught anything. He could've caught a child. He could've have caught a falcon, he could've caught anything. And he caught my cat," Boles said.

Chandler police is investigating this incident.